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About us

Orca Surgical develops pioneering solutions for refractive Ophthalmologic surgery focused on the cornea.

The company is committed to offer the most innovative technology for safest and fastest recovery surgery, whether glasses removal or cross-linking.

These elegant devices and technologies are uniquely designed to deliver highly reproducible results.

"EBK™ patients had less pain and quicker regrowth of corneal epithelium in eyes than in fellow eyes using mechanical scrapper"
Prof. John Kanellopolous, LaserVision
"Epi Bowman keratectomy allow us as surgeon to have total control in obtaining a conservation of the Bowman’s membrane because it Preserve the basal cell membrane of the epithelium”
Prof. Luis Guell, Ocular Microsurgery Institute of Barcelona, Spain
“The EBK is less traumatic to the patient and the best tool for my Epi-Off CXL patients with fast and better quality re- epithelization”
Prof. Cosimo Mazzotta, Siena University Hospital, Italy
"With EBK, patients not only have much less pain and faster epithelial healing, but they also have a higher percentage of UCVA 20/20 or better, and a lower enhancement rate"
Dr. Marguerite McDonald, Long Island Surgicenter


Epithelium removal is a stage of glasses
removal surgery, prior to laser pulses.


EBK™ is the safest way to remove the epithelium, offering many advantages as the most significant include fastest recovery and no pain during procedure. That is why, when looking into corrective eye surgery, you should always insist on EBK as the preferred treatment method of choice. arrow-1


EBK is unique in its precision and is the only form of refractive surgery that assures no damage to the cornea:

Fast recovery

Minimum side-effects

Less Pain


Orca Surgical was founded in 2012, by Mr. Yariv Bar-On.


We develop pioneering solutions for refractive ophthalmologic surgery focused on the cornea. Orca surgical is a part of CTZ Group, a Medical Device accelerator located in Caesarea, Israel and committed to accelerating success. The company is committed to innovating and bringing to market devices and technologies and its mission is becoming an industry leaderarrow-blue1


Orca Surgical is singly focused on devices for cornea surgery.


Its flagship Epi Clear™ dynamic epikeratome is ushering in a new era in glasses removal surgery with the EBK™ procedure. Assuring best quality is within our company‘s core values. Our products are manufactured according to international standard, Class 1 exempt, CE and AMAR approved. arrow-3


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