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The company was founded in 2012 by Mr. Yariv Bar-On, a leading optometrist. He was aware of the very real life challenges faced by the clinicians in the field, and set out to  solve them to create better conditions for practitioners and patients alike.

About Us

Orca surgical is a part of CTZ Group, a Medical Device accelerator located in Caesarea, Israel and committed to accelerating success.

Our research and development department consists of a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, surgeons and laser technicians. Their years of experience in Ophthalmology is priceless in designing solution for overcoming the limitations of existing techniques. They come up with innovative and safer solutions, benefiting eye patients everywhere.


Our Values

The company is committed to innovating and bringing to market devices and technologies for refractive surgery, keratoconus, refractive enhancement, and treatments for recurrent erosions of the cornea.


We are uniquely positioned to lead the market toward adopting safer procedures such as EBK™, Orca Surgical is expanding the options for patients who can benefit from critical vision correction and enhancement surgery.

Orca Surgical’s Mission
To become an industry leader in providing safe technological solutions to enhance ophthalmic surgery results for the benefit of practitioners and patients.

eye laser surgery

The company’s flagship Epi Clear™ dynamic epikeratome device is ushering in a new paradigm for laser refractive surgery. Our paradigm is safer and less painful than existing microkeratome flap keratomileusis and advanced surface ablation procedures. The new EBK™ (Epi-Bowman’s Keratectomy) procedure leaves Bowman’s layer completely intact. The procedure is based on the company’s Epi Clear™ patented multi-blade polymer epikeratome.

Epi Clear™ allows surgeons to softly sweep across the epithelium to gently and precisely peel the epithelial surface. Simultaneously, the tip collects discarded epithelial cells into the tip for safe removal from the treatment bed. The result is a clean, smooth treatment bed for the Excimer laser to ablate and reshape the cornea for refractive correction.

The procedure generates ideal optical conditions for laser ablation with less painful healing, rapid visual recovery and reduced post-operative risks.

Orca Surgical is a privately owned company with headquarters in Israel and offices in the USA.

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