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Bowman’s Layer Conserving Corneal Integrity for Refractive Laser Procedure

EBK™ (Epi-Bowman’s Keratectomy) is the only Bowman’s layer preservation technique, removing the epithelium layer by layer to create clear and graduated borders for enhanced healing. EBK™ is fast becoming the new standard of care in refractive laser surgery, in line with renewed interest in safer surface ablation procedures.

EBK™ has the potential to reduce side effect such as the risk of haze and ectasia, HOAs and astigmatism. It is suitable also for patients with thin corneas and completely preserves corneal biomechanical integrity. By creating a smoother and superior treatment bed free of residue, EBK™ allows more precise refractive correction and reduces post-op pain and faster recovery. Clinically proven to deliver excellent results, EBK™ lowers risk of complications that contribute to visual recovery.

Recurrent corneal erosion

Recurrent corneal erosion (RCE) syndrome is a condition characterized by a disturbance in the corneal epithelial basement membrane, resulting in defective adhesions and recurrent breakdowns of the epithelium. Corneal erosions are very painful and considered one of the most common, yet neglected ocular disorders.

A common treatment for this syndrome is to remove the epithelium in order to allow a new healthy epithelium to grow back. With the Epi Clear™ device, the epithelium can be removed without trauma so that re-epithelialization is natural and is rapid.

The EBK™ Clear procedure are intended to prepare the eye for refractive surgery by removing the corneal epithelium to create optimal conditions for laser vision correction.

Preparation techniques strive to achieve most safe, accurate and gentle removal of the epithelium so the recovery will be fast and painless and will yield satisfactory results.

The Epi Clear™ device and EBK™ procedure are uniquely positioned to meet this need.


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Epithelial profile with Optovue – 1 Week post Op

clear results

EBK™ – Clear
Regularized and smooth corneal epithelium healing

clear results

Mechanical scrapper (PRK)
Irregular healing of epithelium. Epithelial thinning in
temporal quadrant.

Crosslinking EBK

OQAS – Objective Scatter Index (OSi) – 1 Week post Op


Courtesy of Dr. Shetty, Narayana Hospital, India


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