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Ebk laser surgery


What is EBK™?

The Epi-Bowman’s Keratectomy (EBK™) procedure is introducing a new treatment paradigm for such laser refractive surgery.

These treatments might be painful to the patient, followed by possible complications. The EBK™ procedure can offer some improvement in that respect, as it removes the epithelium in a safe, quick and painless fashion, providing the perfect treatment bed for both Refractive surgery CXL and other applications, expediting recovery time of patients.

EBK™ offers a unique alternative to existing methods: while PRK scratches the cornea by using a mechanical scraper, LASIK creates an incisional flap – EBK™ preserves the Bowman layer.

 How Does it work?

The procedure is based on the Epi Clear™ device, a  single use polymer epikeratome device designed to carry out precise, epithelium surface removal. The Epikeratome gently sweeps the epithelial surface and simultaneously collects discarded cells into the multi-blade tip for through removal.

The Epi Clear™ device simultaneously collects discarded epithelial cells into the bowl-shaped tip for safe removal from the site. The edge of one blade creates a micro epithelial elevated fold, while the other blade gently peels the epithelium and draws it into the receptacle for complete removal from the site without coming into contact at all with Bowman’s layer and Basal Membrane. The EBK™ procedure leaves clear borders that augment epithelium periphery growth to shorten recovery time and reduce pain during epithelial healing. This creates the ideal treatment bed for the Excimer laser procedure to correct vision.

The Epi Clear™ device is patent protected, consists of a single use handle and a single use tip, made from recyclable materials. Each handle is intended for single use on one eye only. The special ergonomic design allows surgeons full control on multiple positions either in the operating room or outside of it

Unique patented design for fast, sterile procedure

The Epi Clear™ device includes an single use handle, each has a sterile tip.  The special curve on the handle allows convenient loading and extraction of the tip.

The bowl-shaped polymer tip gently sweep away the epithelium and contain discarded epithelial cells for safe and complete removal from the treatment bed. Epithelium removal takes only eight seconds per eye. epi clear handle


Why EBK™?

The procedure requires no incision or flap, as in conventional LASIK, and protects the integrity of the cornea and stroma. The risk of corneal haze, associated with existing surface ablation procedures, is minimal due to the clean, smooth periphery of the treatment bed.

EBK™ Benefits


safe surgery

leaves the Bowman’s layer intact, free of flap complications and no use of alcohol

recovery glasses removal

Rapid recovery
Minimally invasive procedure allows the epithelium to completely heal and leaves no epithelium scarring

bowman layer

Leaves the tissue smooth with no cell residue

no pain surgery

Patient Comfort
Less pain during procedure and less traumatic


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