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Considering glasses removal? Say goodbye to you old glasses the natural way!
If you’re looking for the safest, most natural way to undergo glasses removal laser surgery (refractive surgery), the EBK™ procedure is the ideal choice.

glasses removal eye surgery

Epithelium Removal

Epithelium removal is a stage of glasses removal surgery,  prior to laser pulses exploit of fixing the cornea for correcting vision and removing the need of wearing contact lenses or glasses.

EBK™ is the safest way to remove the epithelium. Choosing EBK™ harbors  many advantages as the most significant include fastest recovery of few days only and less pain during procedure. The procedure is done with no alcohol, reducing toxicity to the eye yet keeping sterile. Moreover, since procedure is very gentle and minimally invasive, less trauma is caused to your cornea as well and the surgery will produce better results in the long term.

Why EBK™?

As the medical field is constantly changing with new technology and new breakthroughs, it is important to make sure that when doing laser eye surgery, or any other treatment for that matter, you’ll receive the best and most advanced treatment available. That is why, when looking into corrective eye surgery, you should always insist on EBK as the preferred treatment method of choice.

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