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So how does the EBK work in glasses removal sugery or Cross Linking procedure?

With EBK™, your doctor will gradually and gently remove the epithelium, layer by layer. Once your doctor removes the epithelium, no further removal of tissue is possible. This guarantees that no damage is caused to the layers beneath. This controlled, uniform procedure ensures a more accurate and safe treatment.

Four Steps to Better
Vision with EBK

Pre-operative Exam

Your doctor will perform tests to ensure that your eyes are healthy, and are suitable for laser vision correction.

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Epithelial Removal

A few seconds before the procedure begins you will be given anesthetic eye drops. Your doctor will then gently remove the epithelium. EBK™ leaves smooth border to create and prepare the ideal treatment bed for the excimer laser. This accurate and precise preparation enhances healing.

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Vision Correction

Now your doctor can reshape the curvature of your cornea with the excimer laser for the desired refraction. This is done within seconds and precisely to the hundredth of a millimeter. A therapeutic contact lens will be placed on the cornea to protect the treated area. The entire procedure takes less than a minute per eye.

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You will need to wear the therapeutic contact lens 24 hours a day for the next few days and apply special eye drops that promote healing. Your vision will be a bit blurry as the epithelium heals over the next few days. At this stage, your doctor would probably recommend you to avoid water entering the eyes. After this you should be able to return gradually to your regular routine.

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After few days your vision will be fully corrected, since cornea has been fixed.  You can say goodbye now to your old glasses or contact lenses since you won’t be needing them anymore.

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