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The company’s pipeline is rich with exciting new innovations in the area of corneal surgery and ophthalmological surgical tools.

R&D Orca Surgical

Orca Surgical is singly focused on devices for cornea surgery. Its flagship Epi Clear™ dynamic epikeratome is ushering in a new era in refractive surgery with the EBK™ procedure.

With a market-centric approach to development, the company’s products embody the real life challenges faced by the clinicians. These challenges are addressed by a dedicated team of researchers, engineers, surgeons and laser technicians involved in our Reseach and development.

The Epi Clear™ device was developed for the sole purpose of overcoming the limitations of existing techniques, based on real clinical experience, to offer a safer alternative.

Orca Surgical’s engineering and clinical team lead research from idea to reality: from concept, through product design, pre-clinical and clinical trials, until FDA clearance and/or CE approval.


Quality Assurance

Assuring best quality is within our company‘s core values.

Our products are manufactured according to international standard, Class 1 exempt, CE and AMAR approved.

We are committed to our customer’s satisfaction, working closely with partners around the world to make sure all requirements are met.

Orca Surgical is certified for ISO 13485, including CMDCAS, ISO9001

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