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A collection of recent reviews by key opinion leaders and senior doctors who tested EBK™ and use it:

 Prof. Jose Luis Guell – Ocular Microsurgery Institute of Barcelona, Spain

Epi Bowman keratectomy allow us as surgeon to have total control in obtaining a conservation of the Bowman’s membrane because it Preserve the basal cell membrane of the epithelium”


Dr. Ramon Ruiz Mesa –  Oftalvist in Cádiz, Spain


“The Epi-Bowman Keratectomy (EBK) for surface ablation in refractive surgery is: Precise, Safe, Half of procedure time,  Better than excimer ablation with Fast learning curve”

Dr. Cosimo Mazzotta – Siena University Hospital, Italy


“The EBK is less traumatic to the patient and the best tool for my Epi-Off CXL patients with fast and better quality re- epithelization”

Prof. Rohit Shetty*- Narayana Nethralaya hospital in Bangalore, India


“Epi-Bowman keratome revealed better patient comfort with marginally superior optical quality and a lesser would healing time as compared to a mechanical scrapper,  showing better post operational outcome
* For Prof. Shetty’s peer-review on EBK Click Here

 Prof. Zoltan Nagy –  Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary


“EBK achieves faster re-epithelialization than PRK with better Post-op VA, Less haze and pain. EBK experience demonstrates that there is a big benefit for epithelium removal in surface ablation procedures”


Prof. Ewa Mrukwa-Kominek – Uniwersyteckim Centrum Okulistyki i Onkologii, Katowice, Poland


“According to our experience, refractive surgery procedure such as EBK in 24 month follow-up is characterized by high safety, efficiency and stability. The quality of vision is very high”

Prof. Joseph Frucht Pery – Haddasah hospital in Jerusalem, Israel


“For my Keratoconus patients that undergo Collagen Cross linking procedure, I highly recommend the use of EBK as a standard of care thanks to its safety, simplicity of use, being less traumatic, precision, nontoxic, in comparison to existing procedure, therefore hence faster rehabilitation of vision and function for them”

Dr. Matzliah Tayeb – American Laser Clinics in Jerusalem, Israel


“Finally, after so many years of experience in refractive surgery, EBK allows me the ability to create a perfect laser treatment bed




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